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 Hisoka's Introduction

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Hisoka's Introduction Empty
PostSubject: Hisoka's Introduction   Hisoka's Introduction EmptyFri Dec 30, 2011 12:37 am

"...I don't know why, but Master told me to meet some people... So... Here I am." Hisoka muttered, "As you know, I'm Hisoka Fukiko. I'm from the Lumarius Division." The female said, walking around... She didn't know what else to say, sadly. But she thought and thought.
"I'm a male..." She lied. Kuro faded in and barked. "..." Hisoka glared at Kuro and growled, "I'm a guy..."
Kuro barked in refusal. Hisoka's eye twitched and looked away. "I don't like people, therefore I don't like making friends... I don't like clingy people... and I hate being in crowds... So don't bring me in any carnivals... unless it's empty..."

Kuro laid on his belly and watched the redette talk. "...Anyway... That's Kuro... I don't like him. He's a brat sometimes," Hisoka snickered, "He sneaks into my bathroom too.. That makes him a pervert..."
Kuro growled in disgust. He then turned away. Waiting for someone, or something, to sit by him...
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Hisoka's Introduction
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